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Additional Domain Pointers
Additional domain name pointers resolve to the root level of your virtual server just like your original domain name. Additional domain names cannot point to a subdirectory of your virtual server. Additional domain pointers are an excellent way to drive more traffic to your website!

ASP Execution
Your virtual server will come with complete support for Active Server Pages - available for advanced web development on all Windows 2000 Hosting packages.

All ThaiWebpro Hosting customers have access their own cgi-local bin in which you may place your own custom CGI scripts. CGI is often used to accomplish tasks which are not supported by basic HTML, such as a "hit" counter or guest book. You may use this directory to set up scripts that you write or find elsewhere on the Web. We offer several pre-written scripts, available free for your use. These include a clock, counter, guest book, form email processor, discussion forum, and much more!

Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion is a sophisticated scripting language for web developers that want advanced site development and database interfacing. Cold Fusion supports MS Access and SQL 2000 databases.

Data Transfer/Hits
You have set amount data transfer (or hits) on your virtual server. Any outward-bound traffic from your web site is considered data transfer. For example, each time a html file, image, or other element on your web page is loaded, data transfer is generated. Each of our plans includes set amount of data transfer. ThaiWebpro Hosting does not host any "adult" or "warez" web sites.

Detailed Web Statistics
Comprehensive daily graphical reports on your website visitor demographics.

Disk Space
Disk space refers to the amount of server disk storage your account is allocated. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, audio clips, POP mail messages, and all other files that make up your Web site. Each of our virtual servers includes a specified allotment of disk storage space, but additional space can be purchased for any account in 10 MB increments.

eMail Auto Responders
Autoresponders may be used to send automated responses to incoming email sent to a specific address. An autoresponder could be used to send a standard message to persons addressing pricelist@yourdomain.com for example.

eMail POP3
Each of our hosting packages comes with unique POP3 email accounts, in addition to email forwarding. You have the option to retrieve email directly from POP3 mailboxes on the mail server using an email program such as Eudora. Your POP email accounts can be instantly created from the ThaiWebpro H-Sphere Control Panel included with all virtual server packages. Each of our virtual servers includes a specific number of POP3 email boxes, but additional boxes can also be purchased.

eMail Aliases / Forwarders
Using email Aliases or forwarders, you can receive any email at (***)@yourdomain.com. Specific mail forwarding options may be enabled in your ThaiWebpro H-Sphere Control Panel to redirect or forward email names to different addresses on the Internet. For example, email addressed to sales@yourdomain.com could forward to an account at AOL (yourname@aol.com) or to another email address on your domain (yourname@yourdomain.com).

File Transfer Protocol; method used to "upload" your web site files to your virtual server. You have unlimited access to your virtual server via FTP 24-hours a day to set up and maintain your Web site. You can work on HTML documents, graphics, and scripts locally, then upload files to your Web site when ready.

Full Tape Backup
Comprehensive backups of your data. In the event of permanent data loss, a restoration may occur that will recover your lost files.

ThaiWebpro H-Sphere Control Panel
An administration utility accessed via any web browser for instant control and complete management of your website. Allows the easy setup of mailboxes, aliases, password protection, statistical reporting, FTP through your web browser to your account, and much more!

Mailing List
A list service for emailing your customers in a consolidated fashion.

Many Supported MIME Types
Adds the ability for serving multiple content types.

Money Back Guarantee
* 7 Day money back guarantee on all of our web hosting packages *conditions apply

MS Access Database
Microsoft Access is the best selling database in the world since it comes bundled in Microsoft Office. Powerful and fully compatible with ASP scripting, this feature is available on NT virtual servers only. Once you have requested an Access DB, you must also supply us with the DSN name you will be using. MS Access databases typically service individuals and small groups (10-20 users) with no more than one to five megabytes of data, which could easily be processed on the desktop. Otherwise Microsoft SQL Server, which can support thousands of users with terabytes of information, and provides other enterprise-level database capabilities.

MS Media Player
MS Media Player is a multimedia application for streaming audio. You may only have a maximum of 20MB of space designated for your MS Media Player files. ThaiWebpro Hosting supports 10 concurrent threads per server for streaming audio. ThaiWebpro Hosting recommends that the client switch to a dedicated server if the above specifications do not suit the clients needs.

MS FoxPro
A popular database that can be deployed on a NT server for high-end database functionality.

MS Index Server
A search engine facility for NT based websites.

MS Visual InterDev 6.0
A tool commonly used for database integration on NT servers.

MS SQL 2000
High-end performance database application for Windows 2000 servers, for large and complicated back-end integration of database files.

MySQL Database
A UNIX and Windows based SQL database, very easy to use!

Password Protected Pages
Protect your webpages with groups of password and user ID combinations.

Raw Log Files
For statistical analysis, you may download for compiling on your local machine.

Real Audio / Video
We provide full support for RealMedia™ technology from RealNetworks™ to stream audio and video from your site. Streaming is beneficial for audio and video because it reduces wait times for viewing files. You may only have a maximum of 20MB of space designated for your Real Audio files. ThaiWebpro Hosting supports 10 concurrent threads per server for streaming audio. ThaiWebpro Hosting recommends that the client switch to a dedicated server if the above specifications do not suit the clients needs.

Server Side Includes
Add the convenience and flexibility of embedding CGI capability into your web pages.


A multimedia application by MacroMedia for dynamic online visual presentations.

Shopping Cart

Add the convenience and power of our integrated shopping cart system for e-commerce webhosting!

SSL Encryption
Secure Socket Layers (SSL) allows you to encrypt credit card numbers or other confidential documents so that it is impossible to intercept during a transmission. SSL will light up the key in your customer's browser, greatly increasing customer trust when buying from your site. You will need purchase your own from VeriSign or Thawte. Then you may have https://www.yourdomainname.com.

SSH Access
Login by shell for script development.

UPS Power Backup
Full power redundancy ensures your site will not be harmed during a power outage.


Visual Basic Scripting on NT virtual webhosting servers.
Web Design Help, Bangkok, Thailand
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